Century Fibre Glass

                     the last word in Quality..................


                            Our company, a premier fibre glass manufacturing unit offers an excellent array of designs to suit every mood and spirit.its cost effective range includes palin, corrugated and wrinkled sheets.

CFG helps you choose fibre glass panels for multifarious uses -for doors and windows inserts, false ceil;ings, domes, pyramids, skylights, partitions etc.Easy installation is assured, including cutting, drilling and mounting on wooden / steel / aluminium frames.

Colours, textures and muted lighting enhance the appeal of your green houses, hotels, homes and commercial builidings.There is a reday choice of thickness and dimensions. Select in single or more colours, with pretty embedded designs of leaf, cane, cloth, mosaic work and other artistic motifs.

CFG promises material that is light weight, unbreakable, flexible, easy to install, resistant to weather and fire - retardant.

All in all, a splendid deal.